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  • emorin2009


    March 10, 2015, 12:41 pm

    I'm a guy in college, but recently I've been considering being a firefighter. Bunch of different reasons for this, but I haven't really talked to someone who knows personally what it's all about. I mean, there's websites and stuff that I've read, but it's not really the same. It's not the kind of job where someone can just go dip their toes in, so I want to know what's important before I go for it.

    What are the requirements for being a firefighter, and how do you fulfill those? Where should I start?

    I've heard it's among the hardest jobs in the world, but also very rewarding. What's your opinion on that? Is it true?

    I'm not that big a guy, like 5-9 and 150 lbs. Pretty sure I'll grow some more, but would my non-large stature be a disadvantage?

    Why do you do it?


  • steven_h


    March 10, 2015, 10:21 pm

    Not at all. Let's see what the writer said.

    >There's a quote that appears again and again in various forms: "close one door, another opens." It seems like magical thinking until you see it happen. And it only happens when you don't leave the door partially open, but instead firmly close it. For some reason, being certain that you're ready to move on does cause some kind of magic to happen, and I don't know why.

    That's just as much bullshit as any voodoo or faith healing nonsense. He doesn't know why because he has no evidence to support the assertion. If there were some empirical evidence to support the assertion, then that evidence would be a good stepping stone to finding out why.


  • Reddithetic


    March 11, 2015, 3:41 am

    Nvidia confirms

    Fermi that was running PhysX at Jensen's GTC keynote was real but the one that we all took pictures of was a mock-up.

    The real engineering sample card is full of dangling wires. Basically, it looks like an octopus of modules and wires and the top brass at Nvidia didn't want to give that thing to Jensen. This was confirmed today by a top Nvidia VP president class chap, but the same person did confirm that the card is real and that it does exist.

    Charlie was surely right about this one here. The card that Jensen showed and we all pictured is not a working sample. Some key people at Nvidia have promised to show us the picture of the real one. Stay tuned.


  • Barnike


    March 11, 2015, 4:37 am

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  • CarlH


    March 10, 2015, 11:22 pm

    It is bitwise AND. However, I am trying to draw a connection from the previous lesson. It gets a bit strange and confusing because "Boolean algebra" relates to the operations that were in the last lesson, yet "bitwise" refers to the operations in this lesson. I will later distinguish between the two. I came very close to titling this lesson "Introduction to bitwise operations" - but I think this is easier on a beginner.

    Edit: The more I think about it, I think it is better to introduce the proper terminology. I modified the main text to clarify this, just to be sure.


  • oconostota


    March 10, 2015, 5:38 pm

    You can be a showpiece whether you are willing or not. I think of him as more of a caged animal. But how well would that idea be understood by people? I appreciate and agree with your distinction. I would never for a second thing Ron Paul was one of "THEM." Or suggest it.

    But to me Ron Paul is kind of proof of how fucked up we are really are. If our society was decent and worth a shit it would have been a face off after Bush between Ron Paul and Kuccinich. Nobody else represented the non-terrorism hijacked threads of politics but those two men. Oh and Mike Gravel. Let's not forget him.

    So that Ron Paul was ridiculed and laughed off the stage by the country even while telling everyone the truth and proposes workable solutions... That everyone preferred to keep voting for the lies and bullshit and laugh and ridicule honesty and truth..

    Well come on dude.. We're dead if we can't even admit we have a problem as a society. So I'm done with politics. I won't even try that road.


  • YoungCubSaysWoof


    March 10, 2015, 12:21 pm

    What Oconostota says totally has merit. What a lot of you say, has merit. But two things.

    1) When it comes to people talking about migrating to another country, I totally understand your arguments. If it came to that, and that was your decision, then fine. But me. . .

    This is my home.

    This country, from every Rocky Mountain high, to the relaxed vibes of the hood on a day when there is no crime, to the goofy Mormons who are RIDICULOUSLY nice even if I'm not crazy about 'em. All of those things, and much more, are part of my home. And if it comes down to it, I would rather die defending my home than desert it. To give it up to a bunch of greedy pigs, the shame of it would be a slow and more horrendous death.

    2) This is not the final bill.

    This, IS NOT, the final bill.

    IF the final bill does NOT have a public option, then we kill it. We, as the people, tell and educate the people of the U.S. to kill the bill. We are educated, and we would know what a complete scam a bill without a public option is. And we kill the bill. And we tell them to do it again. And we vote out Blue Dogs, remove those who have been getting pharm. money ( and plow this bitch through the 2nd time around, opposition be damned.

    A 30-year conservative thinker spoke to a commentator and said that the Republicans HAVE to kill the health care bill. The reason? Whichever party gives the public something that they all love (a public option, for example), then that party stays in power for a long time. Makes sense, right?

    Just keep watching, keep paying attention. And remember, "your anger is a gift."


  • Javbw


    March 10, 2015, 6:50 pm

    Wow - the help forums are full of people with shit that isn't working ! Un-fucking-believable. You know hospitals are full of only sick people? All humans must be sick then!

    Apple has sold millions of the phones. Millions and millions. There are going to be issues, and not everything done by them will be perfect.

    But overall user satisfaction and usability ratings put it on the top because a large percentage of the owners are satisfied. And there will always be a percentage of people with problems, and the more you sell, the larger number that percentage will be - hence the popularity of the Apple Store's Genius Bar to get stuff looked at.


  • oditogre


    March 10, 2015, 8:06 pm

    My family used to have an extremely creepy, but very nice and friendly, barn cat. We lived in a rural area with livestock and an indoor arena, and when we first moved there, in one of the buildings that we had no reason to enter regularly, we found a cat locked inside (former resident must have left it there, I guess). It was solid black with beautiful fur, but obviously damn near starved to death. I suspect what happened is his gums had receded, but at any rate, he had fucking *fangs*, like a sabertooth or something, hehe. Way long and exposed even with his mouth closed, and that never went away even after he got healthy.

    Anyways...creepy habit of his, we never came to a good conclusion as to how or why, but he would kill mice in the barn, but not eat them. We would find them in 3 nice, neat sections...there would be a head, a body, and a pile of internal organs, neatly separated and lying close to each other. The body wouldn't be mangled or anything, just a rather cleanly severed neck, and the innards in a separate pile. Very odd cat.


  • Fixhotep


    March 10, 2015, 9:02 am

    I don't live in CA, but I'll share what little I "know" about the situation. My wife's cousin is an RN at a state prison in CA and her husband is a guard at the same prison. They came to visit and I was so fascinated by their stories that we listened to them for a good 5 hours.

    They told me things that made me think their penitentiary system is a large part of their undoing. CA pumps so much damn wasteful money into that system.


    Prisoner wants deviated septum fixed. Then confuses "deviated septum surgery" with "nose job." Moments before he gets the anesthesia, he finds out he is not getting a "nose job" and declines the surgery. Days later he decides he wants the surgery anyways. This, from what I've been told, is a very common occurrence for many different procedures.

    Prisoner plays football and tears his ACL. A week or so after surgery, prisoner goes back to playing football and re-injures his ACL.

    Prisoner pisses a doctor off to the point where the doctor refuses to see him. The doctor has a right to do it, but the prisoner still has the right to see a different doctor. So he gets sent to a different doctor and pisses him off to the point that the doctor refuses to see him. Sometimes they have to find doctors 100 miles away to see prisoners.

    Prisoners get bumped to the top of donor lists.

    One prisoner on death row was even able to land an organ.

    They basically said that, medically speaking, the prisoners get everything they ask for. Now, I feel prisoners are still people but, in my opinion, they do lose certain rights.


  • outhere


    March 10, 2015, 10:00 am

    Actually, I took on the responsibility of 3 kids, then stepped in on the 4th when her father refused to. That kind of threw a wrench into my plans, but she's a good kid and deserves better than being shunned by her father.

    BTW, my Father didn't "step aside", he died.

    Edit: Also, this was not a path "I chose not to take." Right out of high school I went to work to support my family. I would have loved to have gone straight to college, but had other responsibilities that took priority.


  • carlfish


    March 10, 2015, 7:00 pm

    A tenant who is upset about inspections isn't being realistic about the economic transaction. Your bond doesn't cover a great deal of damage especially if you skip out on the last few week's rent, and the costs of recovering that money if you dispute the charge, or worse, taking you to court for damages beyond the bond, are significant.

    I've never been a great tenant, and sometimes been a pretty bad one, but I've never had my bond cheque returned with any more than a token reduction, close to the amount I'd have had to pay to lodge a dispute. I assume most landlords just take the hit and move on to save themselves the investment of time and money required to get any more back.

    Then there's the question of whether renters will even be able to pay the money at all. As a student I was inspected every couple of months, these days only once a year, probably because I'm now less of a risk, both on the damage front and on the ability-to-pay front.


  • LWRellim


    March 10, 2015, 3:20 pm

    Wow 3% really?

    And with Bernanke having to boost (and maintain) inflation back up to 5.5% to 6% (or higher) for the next few decades just to keep the *existing* debt from becoming overwhelming...

    That'll mean the rest of can go backward at a rate of some 3% (or more, not counting tax increases)!

    Which means within less than 20 years we'll be getting paid less than HALF of what we currently do... woohoo!

    Geniuses, I tell you... sheer geniuses these Fed Chairmen are!



  • kru5h


    March 10, 2015, 9:07 am

    This actually depends how the envelope denominations are chosen.

    Let's assume that the host chooses a random natural number, a, of dollars and puts that into one envelope, and double, 2a, in the other. There are three possibilities, but first a definition. A natural number, n, is said to be Quad if and only if there exists a natural number, k, such that n = 4k. That is, n is a Quad if and only if four divides n.

    Now we have three possibilities:

    a is odd: Probability 1/2

    a is even and not Quad: 1/4

    a is even and is a Quad: 1/4

    Now you have 2 envelopes, one with $a and one with $2a. 2a is always even. You have a 1/2 chance of originally receiving the $a envelope, and 1/2 chance of receiving the $2a envelope. So, you have a 3/4 chance of getting an even envelope.

    Probability of receiving an envelope with an odd number of dollars: 2/8

    Probability of receiving an envelope with non-quad even dollars: 3/8

    Probability of receiving an envelope with quad dollars: 3/8

    Now the strategy is this:

    Odd number? Switch. The other envelope is double.

    Non-Quad even? Doesn't matter. It's twice as likely that the other is odd. Expected value = 1.

    Quad? Switch. The expected value is higher.

    Solution 2 doesn't work because it ignores information that we have. We know that X is even and is a Quad.

    If the host is choosing envelope amounts differently, then all of this will be different, obviously. If the host purposely chooses a so that it is always a quad, then solution 2 is correct because the fact that we have $100 gives us no information.

    **Answer:** Solution 1 if the first amount is a positive integer chosen randomly and the second envelope is double. Solution 2 if the first amount is always chosen to be a quad. Other solutions in other cases.


  • refusedlud


    March 11, 2015, 9:21 am

    do people like you live in america? i hope not, because this is so economically ignorant i don't even know where to start.

    "(which represent the exact opposite of liquidity in the economy)" - if this money is in the market, that keeps YOUR 401k worth a damn. if this money is in the bank, it is available to be lent. are you aware how banks work? they lend based on savings and deposits. no savings? no loans. no loans, no home sales, car sales, etc etc.

    "because they didn't need their job (or 90% of their wealth)" - let me get this straight - you are able to vote and decide what someone else does and doesn't need? to support your position, i hereby determine YOU dont NEED your house and car. give it to me - that is my vote.

    it is precisely idle wealth that allows society to function. if there is no money in banks or markets, there is no prosperity.

    try reading some econ 101 books.


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